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Hugh Marshall - London Car Club Chairman

Club direction, development and expansion is Hugh's aim. The LCC hopes to become the motor sport club that everybody who is anyone wants to join!

Hugh has an extensive racing career, starting in 1979 with the Renault 5 Championship. He has competed in everything from Lotus 7s and BMWs, to Cosworth Sapphires and TVRs. In 1990, Hugh started his own racing team running Multi Sports driven by Nigel Greensall and Chris Needell.

Racing in the TVR Tuscan Challenge is Hugh's current personal motor sport endeavour and has been since 1998.


Glen McKeown - Treasurer and Historian

 Glen is useless on the race track but quite decent with computers and papers files, so he lives in a darken cave sorting out theh historical records of the club.  Technically these should go back to 1904, but in truth there is little before about 1946.  Nevertheless what he has keeps him out of mischief and he always happy to deal with questions about what the Club did - often enough the questions provide more information than the answers! 












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